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Hull Inspection on the Justine - Hull cleaning in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Bottom cleaning in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Divers in Annapolis and Kent Island MD
Hull Inspection of the Justine

About Annapolis Diving Contractors, LLC -
Divers and Dive Services

Our underwater hull cleaning and bottom cleaning procedures lower operational costs, increase performance and assist the industry, clients and the marine environment by using the "best management practices" written and adopted by various environmental protection agencies to reduce and extend the life of hull paints.

Annapolis Diving Contractors and it's divers have followed and implemented these "best practices" for years and continues to follow the guidelines detailed in the Maryland Clean Diver Pledge.

About the Owner, David King

David King, operational manager and lead diver, is a certified commercial diver with over twenty years of diving experience. His time on and under the water is vast. David's certification and experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving in the United States Navy on the USS Monongahela
  • State of Maryland buoy tender and ice-breaker as deck hand and diver
  • The United States Army with a marine deck license on the 314’ MG Robert Smalls and 65’ Small Tug
  • Scuba certification
  • Certified Commercial Deep Sea and Helium Diver proficient in:
    • Oxy/Arc Cutting Underwater, Arc Welding U/W, Explosive Safety, Bridge Inspection, Pneumatic and Hydraulic U/W tools, ROV operation, U/W Video and recording, Recompression Chamber operations, Saturation Theory and Techniques and, of course, Hull Inspection and Cleaning

A few past diving projects include Sheet pile installation, U/W epoxy coating of failing bulkheads, U/W pressure washing and jetting, Nuclear Power Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Buoy and Piling Removal, The Laying and Connecting of off Shore gas and oil pipelines, Bridge inspections, piling encapsulation, vessel salvage, propeller removal and installation and an innumerable amount of hull cleanings.

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